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Spiritual Fathering

Malcolm has gained quite a lot of experience and wisdom fathering his five biological children, all grown and have their own families, yet maintaining an healthy relationship with them, and his thirteen grandchildren. He  has also gained a wealth of cross -cultural experience raising spiritual sons and daughters over a 40year period.  In addition to his mentoring skills, he frequently shares his techniques with younger Mentors and Fathers.   

This program offers some How to’s.

  • How to process pains, hurts/wounds caused by fathers and other authority figures in one’s past.
  • How to assess, evaluate, choose and relate to Spiritual Father and Mothers, and what characteristics to look for in them.
  • How to develop health boundaries with Mentors, and spiritual Fathers, and Mothers.
Mentoring & Life Coaching 

Who it is for? Young developing leaders, including Business leaders, in the Market place.

Methods- Telephone or via Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom. Whatever the client is comfortable with.

  • Help to identify and develop that sense of calling to a specific mission/work, and it is geared for both younger and older leaders.
  • Help to identify gifts, strengths and weaknesses in one’s leadership, Market place /5 fold Ministry.
  • Helps to determine suitable situations, structure and models for one’s gift and leadership style.
Three M’s Program

This ‘3 M’s Program’ is a specially tailor made program designed to help Leaders navigate their way through the temptations and challenges in - Marriage, Ministry(work), Money - temptations.

  • Marriage - This priority session covers relationship, spouse and children, if you are a married person, if unmarried it deals with sexual/ moral temptations and difficulties)
  • Ministry - A customized approach to one’s unique gifts, calling & ministry,(work) including identifying and profiling one’s self.
  • Money – These sessions deal with difficulties, temptations and right attitudes towards money in times of lack and abundance. It also addresses leadership  vulnerability in this area, and how they are targeted.
Bury the Bones (BTB) 

This is biblically based program from 2 Samuel 21:1-14, that has helped many persons find answers and solutions to recurring negative issues in life and work.

  • Designed to bring closure to unresolved issues in your personal life .
  • Deals with inherited curses and legacies from parents, previous leaders & authority figures.
  • It is specifically applicable to second generation leaders with unanswered questions in work/business/leadership.
  • The above process works well when it is skillfully applied, accompany by some specific questions; and Theo phostic prayers.

Offering full Mentorship Program, Personal/ Family Counseling and Coaching services across the Greater Toronto Area and the province of Ontario.

For Spiritual Counseling/ Coaching Sessions, Contact Caribbean Outreach Ministries Int’l.